Introduction to SpotlightCRM™

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Main Features

  • KISS Design Principle – Simple, yet Powerful; designed for every end-user from novice to expert.
  • Flexible, Configurable Real-Time Notification System.
  • Secure, Latest Industry Standards
    • Microsoft Stack
    • Responsive .Net design/native mobile available custom
    • MS AD authentication & role-based security
  • Multi-Property functionality is STANDARD
  • Integration is in our DNA – All major CMS, PMS, POS, Valet, etc.
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CONTROL your reinvestment with ICE™

ICE™ is our Intelligent Comp-ing Engine. Real-time issuance of comps to ‘host qualified’ and ‘hosted’ guests to designated outlets based on guest’s current game play and historical gaming and non-gaming behavior. End-users can issue comps directly from their mobile devices and route to designated outlets.

ACQUIRE more coded & VIP play supported by the SpotlightCRM™ learning and adaptive kernel, identify active, non-hosted guests’ who are ‘host-qualified’ based a numerous gaming and non-gaming variables and behavior patterns.

RETAIN your most valuable assets – the casino guest!

Real-time notification system is built-in & configured for a multitude of real-time alerts. One example, recency and frequency real-time alerts are enabled if a guest has arrived on property after an extended absence (outside their normal gaming/non-gaming behavior), sent to an end-user, of the guest’s precise location, to welcome the patron back to the casino. End-users have access to all the guest’s relevant information.

EXAMINE & observe every aspect of your guest’s activity!

For example, property arrival, hotel check-in, F&B activity, sitting down to play at their favorite game, or any activity or amenity that tracks the player’s club card.

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