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Las Vegas, NV, November 10, 2021 – Today, I.C. Intelligence, LLC (“ICI”) announced a return to pre-Covid19 revenue levels, a 60% client base increase, and significant product expansion.

Jeff Baldi, ICI’s CEO, noted, “Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our sales, development, and support teams, we have returned to pre-Covid19 revenue and headcount levels while significantly increasing our footprint.  We have achieved our goals for this year and look forward to continued growth.”

The company expects 2021 efforts to convert into 2022 growth of ~100% for revenue and installations while retaining all legacy customer accounts. Q1 2022 will also mark the launch of ICI’s next-generation platform, SpotlightCRM™ v4.  ‘v4’ will introduce an updated interface and expand on already robust functionality by implementing supervised machine learning and limited memory artificial intelligence.

Baldi continued, “considering the headwinds, in the hiring marketplace, we have been able to recruit and retain serious industry talent. This team is critical for supporting our organic expansion, with one of the world’s largest publicly traded gaming companies and future development projects.”

ICI’s SpotlightCRM platform integrates and operationalizes the various transactional systems inside the casino resort. Spotlight™ is a tool that helps implement, manage, and refine your property’s Customer Experience goals across the enterprise.

About I.C. Intelligence, LLC (“ICI”)

Since 2013, ICI has designed, developed, and marketed the SpotlightCRM™ platform to Casino Resort operators. ICI’s ‘Best in Class’ operators enjoy significant gains in efficiency, loyalty, and revenue. Spotlight is the only CRM platform built for the gaming industry, integrating Operational, Analytical, and Strategic CRM methodologies in a single ecosystem with an elegant interface.

ICI is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, with offices in Louisiana and Oklahoma.  For more information about ICI and SpotlightCRM, please visit:

For media inquiries, please contact Jeff Baldi at, 702-521-0317, or

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