Las Vegas, NV, November 4, 2021 – Today, I.C. Intelligence, LLC (“ICI”) announced a new, strategic investor.  Mr. Gavin Isaacs has acquired an ownership stake in ICI and has been appointed to its board of directors.

Isaacs, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, brings a lifetime of gaming & technology experience to ICI, previously serving as President, CEO & Vice Chairman of Scientific Games, CEO of SHFL Entertainment, COO & EVP of Bally, and President of Aristocrat Technologies, Inc.  Mr. Isaacs is currently the Chairman of Altitude Acquisition Corporation and director of Galaxy Gaming, Inc.

AJ Fisher, Ph.D., Founder and CXO said, “I’m incredibly humbled and excited to welcome Mr. Gavin Issacs as a partner and owner of I.C. Intelligence, LLC. Gavin’s 20+ years of executive leadership, in gaming and technology, will help guide us through this period of unprecedented expansion in the SpotlightCRMÔ platform and customer base growth.”

Mr. Isaacs explained his interest, “I wanted to get involved in ICI because I’ve seen systems so complex that customers only utilize 5% of the functionality.  Spotlight™ is so intuitive and easy to use, customers often train themselves.”   Isaacs explained further, “In addition to the product, the team is comprised of great people, and they have found success being hyper-focused on the customer.”

Jeff Baldi, ICI’s CEO, noted, “Gavin is a tremendous addition to our team!  We are grateful for his investment and interest; I am very excited to work with him, again.”

ICI’s SpotlightCRM platform integrates and operationalizes the myriad transactional systems inside the casino resort.  Spotlight is a tool that helps implement, manage, and refine your property’s Customer Experience goals, across the enterprise.

“Together, we will maximize our opportunities and deliver next-generation solutions to the gaming industry around the globe,” added Dr. Fisher.

About I.C. Intelligence, LLC (“ICI”)

Since 2012, ICI has designed, developed, and marketed the SpotlightCRM platform to Casino Resort operators.  ICI’s ‘Best in Class’ operators enjoy significant gains in efficiency, loyalty, and revenue.  Spotlight is the only CRM platform built for the gaming industry, integrating Operational, Analytical, and Strategic CRM methodologies in a single ecosystem, with an elegant interface.

ICI is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, with offices in Louisiana and Oklahoma.  For more information about ICI and SpotlightCRM, please visit: https://spotlightcrm.com.

For media inquiries, please contact Jeff Baldi at, 702-521-0317, or jeff@icintelligence.com

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