CRM Strategy:  Chess or Checkers?

Today’s casino and hospitality experience changes daily, with new challenges everyday: limited amenities, capacity, and operations.  Understanding and managing our most important guests and developing new ones should be priority #1 – this is not to be taken lightly and cannot be done overnight.  A CRM strategy must be developed and supported across the enterprise, to maximize Return on Guest Investment.

Brand Loyalty and Customer Experience (“CX”) are popular buzzwords, mentioned all the time.  While promotional efforts are important tactical components, they are small pieces of the Customer Relationship Management puzzle, also known as #CRM.

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The SpotlightCRM™ team is excited to learn your thoughts and share our passion about:

  • The importance of Omnichannel interaction,
  • The convergence of Brick & Mortar, Digital, and Mobile experiences,
  • Contextual, preference-based conversations,
  • Changing demographics of patrons, i.e., post-Covid & ‘new players/games,’
  • The “three legs of the stool” that support a healthy CRM strategy, and
  • Anything CRM-related!

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